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The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife
Author: Connie Scovill Small

The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Wife by Connie Scovill Small - the story of 28 years of lighthouse living along the Maine coast.
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In a genuine and remarkably captivating voice, Connie Scovill Small (1901–2005) writes about her twenty-eight years of lighthouse living and service along the Maine and New Hampshire coasts with her husband, Elson. While her autobiography is a compelling narrative about a life of “people risking their own lives to help men and ships: a life of order and duty,” it also inspires and encourages us to “look up and never down” in our shared search for a meaningful existence in the inevitable isolation and uncertainty of living. 

Author: Connie Scovill Small
Published: 1999 (Revised edition, reprinted several times)
Paperback, 6 x 9, with 30+ photographs, 250 pages,

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