Maine 3-Pack DVD - Light Spirits, Maine - America's Coast & Air Maine

Maine 3-Pack DVD - Light Spirits, Maine - America's Coast & Air Maine

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Maine - America's Coast, Light Spirit, and Air Maine

Three great documentaries about Maine's coast at one great price. All 3 videos feature narration by Jack Perkins - host of A&E's Biography.

Light Spirits
Some lighthouses warn us away. Others usher us in. All, selflessly, serve. What was life like at the lighthouses of old? What, today? And how do these ageless towers continue to cast such magical, mystical spells? In this video - by land, by sea and air - you will visit each of the sixty-plus lighthouses that grace the coast of Maine. Towers from which, two hundred years later, still shines a certain Light Spirit.

Maine - America's Coast

The Maine Coast - so distant from most of America - is in fact where America began. Rugged and raw, it has inspired a nation's creative genius - poets, painters, and ponderers.In this exquisite video, explore its length (3500 miles), see its sights (simply beautiful), share its lives (beautifully simple).

Air Maine

Jeff Dobbs Productions has been filming Maine from the air for almost a decade, and has amassed an extraordinary collection of dramatic aerial footage from all over this beautiful state. Air Maine is their second video taking Mainers, and those who love this place, on another aerial odyssey with new breathtaking views from the belly of a helicopter.

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